Trucking Brokerage Services

Nationwide/Regional Transport
The brokerage division was created in June of 1994. The intended purpose was to provide trucking for customer freight when schedules and timing required using other carriers to meet those needs. This was an opportunity to continue the excellent service our customers have come to expect and to maintain our growth as a diversified transportation company.

Today, our customer list has grown to include shippers from all across the United States and Canada. It has become common practice for many of them to rely on our ability to transport their product with our own fleet, or through the use of other carriers that meet our standards of excellence.

The idea is simple and convenient for a complex industry with many logistical challenges. We have the ability to provide the right equipment for the job and deliver products on time. We take the responsibility for your transportation needs because we have the resources and the ability to get the job done.

As a customer, you need only make one call. Brimac will provide you with the transportation solutions and the excellent customer service you desire. One call can do it all. 
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