Jeff Foster Trucking Brings Cancer Awareness to the Nation with Their Trucks

  • By Jeff Foster Trucking
  • 17 Apr, 2014

Jeff Foster and his staff are concerned about the health of their employees and past employees. They are bringing awareness to Superior and across the United States with their trucks.

Circle of Hope was the first truck they came out with in August of 2013 to raise awareness of breast cancer, in honor of specific people, and to help Circle of Hope, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves breast cancer patients in northern Wisconsin and northern Minnesota. This organization has helped by paying bills for those currently going through breast cancer treatment to the tune of over $106,000.00 . They have other missions as well.  Circle of Hope is listed on many national websites as well.

This pink  truck transports typically between Superior, Wisconsin and the Chicago area. It hauls liquid bulk including asphalt cement, petroleum products, and general chemicals. It has traveled other places as well. George is typically the driver. He is asked about breast cancer all the time: Yes, he is told stories of other people’s experiences or family experiences with the disease. George calls the truck, “Pinkie.” He enjoys promoting the cause.

Everyone is touched by this disease, the second leading cause of cancer in women in the United States. 1 out of 8 women get breast cancer in the United States and increasing age puts women at risk.

Men can get breast cancer too. This is especially true if the BRCA1/2 runs in a family. This same gene also increases their risk for prostate cancer. (Peggy Anderson, the coordinator talked about this at an US Too Support group in Cloquet this winter. She tries to bring awareness to prostate cancer by writing about it, as her husband, Jim is a survivor.) Circle of Hope coordinator:

Jeff Foster Trucking has a Pancreatic Cancer truck, and they are coming out with a third truck in the next couple weeks. It is top secret, and I can’t wait to see what kind of truck it is.

The Circle of Hope truck was in the Christmas City of the North Parade. UMD Pharmacy students  decorated the float for Circle of Hope. It will be in two other parades this summer. It is also seen at local events that Circle of Hope has fundraisers at and at patient benefits.

The most memorable  experiences were when it was at Julie Peterson’s benefit at Mr. D’s, the Get ER Done event in Gordon, Wisconsin, the dragon boat races, and the Christmas City of North Parade.

Circle of Hope Board members gave George (Jeff Foster Driver) and Tom Porter (Sunrise Funeral Home and Cemetery owner) Santa Caps to put on as they rode in the parade. Neither had been in the parade nor been to it. They were awed at the event and the hordes of people, as they turned the corner.

Board members were disappointed that the video clips were not on KBJR/Northland News website this year. This event impacted George and Tom’s life forever. Two wishes granted. See there is a Santa Claus. We will soon see if there is an Easter Bunny with all this snow.

By Jeff Foster Trucking 24 Oct, 2017

Every summer Jeff Foster Trucking treats its vendors and customers to a cruise on the retired United States Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC) Sundew in appreciation for solid and loyal business relationships. This grand event invites about 200 people to a Lake Superior and harbor cruise, dinner and drinks. Folks board at Pier B with a stunning view of Pier B Resort, Bayfront and the Lift Bridge. After a safety briefing by Jeff Foster himself, the boat sets off with the intrepid travelers aboard and heads out to sea. Under the lift bridge and out to open waters they sail where the guests enjoy a view of Duluth from the lake from Canal Park down to Lester River. The Sundew then returns through the Lift Bridge as the passengers wave and cheer to the excited Canal Park visitors and sails on through, passing under the Blatnik Bridge and pulling in to the historic CN loading dock #6. Turning around there, all are safely returned to Pier B well before night-fall. Dinner is served en route and all are treated to a delicious hot meal prepared by the Sundew Crew.

This year, the event coincided with Jeff Foster’s Birthday; 200 of his friends and colleagues were able to celebrate his birthday in style with cake and party favors!

By Jeff Foster Trucking 23 Oct, 2017

Jeff Foster Trucking is in the heart of hurricane relief efforts to deliver fuel to various deprived locations. Our company driver Wade Grenke, Hazmat-endorsed Tanker Operator, started his journey on August 29th, when he left for Houston, Texas to assist the USPS in fuel delivery post-Hurricane Harvey. Two weeks later, he was dispatched to Naples, FL to haul fuel post-Hurricane Irma. Then, on October 2nd, he flew to Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria where his truck and diesel-loaded tanker had just arrived via barge. He is currently parked in the FEMA camp in Puerto Rico where he showers, eats and socializes. He sleeps in his truck. Currently, due to the impassability of 18-wheelers because of the quantity of debris minimizing road size, Wade and JFT Truck #2318 act as a fueling station for smaller trucks that pull fuel from Wade to distribute across the island. Wade’s truck is one of Jeff Foster Trucking’s fleet of “Awareness Trucks”. His truck boasts a silver ribbon to highlight awareness for Diabetes, a disease that afflicts 9.4% of the population of the United States as of 2015 (American Diabetes Association).Wade is likely to spend the rest of the year in Puerto Rico as the island rebuilds. Wade left his home and family on August 27th to provide this essential relief and has been on the go ever since.

By Jeff Foster Trucking 19 May, 2017

Here at Jeff Foster Trucking, we employee a talented team of commercial body workers that is ready to take on any challenge. When faced with the above body-damaged T680 with a perfectly good engine, they weren’t afraid to tackle the task of getting it back on the road and looking great.

It all started when Jeff Foster (CEO) himself was approached by a curious woman asking him if he’d ever considered adding an Ovarian Cancer truck to his growing fleet of Awareness Trucks (among them Autism, Pancreatic Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis,  Breast Cancer and Diabetes). Jeff immediately thought of the rebuild necessary on the body of the T680 and decided this would be the opportunity for creating an Ovarian Cancer truck. Getting together with the Collision Center team of Phil Landry (V.P. of Operations) and Nick Wyman (Production Manager of C.C.) they put their heads together and decided they needed a white body rather than red cab to coordinate with the Ovarian Cancer ribbon color of teal. 

A slightly damaged white cab was located in British Columbia and they dispatched a driver to go pick it up.

“Every nut and bolt was turned on this truck,” says Phil Landry. It spent its time over with the mechanics at our shop, as Shawn LaValley (V.P. of Maintenance) turned a few wrenches getting all the details attended to. Once it was all put into place, with the original 2015 running gear and frame but new everything else, the truck, gloriously, fired right up. Now for the graphics. Jeff Foster Trucking commissioned with Elite Tinting and Graphics who designed the decals [] . Rihm Kenworth [ ] updated the computer and did a thorough servicing. 12 months later, the rubber was ready to hit the road. But now, who would drive it?

We needed a driver willing to field questions out on the road about the truck and Ovarian Cancer, since all of our Awareness Trucks are very good at doing what they are designed to do: create awareness and draw attention to themselves. We also needed a driver who would take pride in the care of the truck itself. Flatbed freight driver Jeff Welty was the perfect guy! He happily gave up his spotless Peterbilt 579 for this slightly larger, pristine rebuild. He says that: “Lots of ladies are taking pictures of it; lots of people look at it,” and he hears comments on how it’s a “very nice, pretty truck.” For Welty, he said it was “like going from driving a Volkswagon to a Cadillac.”

Congratulations to the Jeff Foster Collision Center for a job well done!

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